Total Cost of Ownership: the key to a new car and a new garden fence

At first sight, a car and a garden fence may have little in common. For example, a car that stops is not recommended, while a garden fence should invariably stand still, no matter how hard the wind howls. However, especially with the advance of electric vehicles, the biggest comparison becomes clear: TCO! A three-letter word with which other medium-term factors are taken into account in the initial purchase price. 


Charter for those considering a purchase

The greater the initial investment cost of a product in relation to another, comparable product, the greater the risk that a lack of long-term vision can lead to deception. The key concept here, and behind the principle of Total Cost of Ownership, lies in the term 'long-term vision'. Look beyond your nose. Because although the purchase price of a Product A may seem high compared to the cheaper alternative B, a difference in quality and 'cost of use over the entire lifespan' may result in Product A turning out to be a more attractive option. In that regard, analogies can certainly be drawn between (electric) vehicles and a high-quality Woodscape garden fence.

  1. The price tag

The price tag is always the first concern. If you are considering buying a new car, but are in doubt between an electric car or a petrol car, a price difference of up to 15,000 euros can be a deterrent for logical reasons. For example, the ID.3, the electric Golf, is a substantial 40% more expensive than the classic 'fuel Golf'. That does make you think for a while. These are concerns that are no different with a garden fence. There are also considerable differences in cost price. For a beech or yew hedge, heather mats or a wire fence, you roughly pay 10 to 15 euros per running meter. If you opt for concrete or composite panels, the price will increase further, from 50 euros/m2. For high-quality alternatives such as stone baskets or high-quality architectural forms of garden fencing in panel form or continuous, you pay prices from 100 euros per meter in proportion to the quality and appearance. But before you let that scare you: the cost price encompasses more parameters than the purchase price. Total Cost of Ownership, you know…

  1. The appearance

The sight may be more subjective, but that too will influence your consideration. For example, not everyone is a fan of the design of a Renault Twizy or a BMW i3 compared to more eye-catching alternatives on petrol or diesel, just as not everyone will prefer the cool look of an aluminum garden fence over a natural-looking alternative such as Woodscape. This emotion cannot be expressed in numbers, but it will influence the final choice.

  1. The running cost

The recently exploding fuel prices are moving many potential buyers towards more expensive, but electric cars, but the upcoming capacity tariff on electricity consumption may also cast doubt on that decision, especially for those who do not have their own solar panels. Need it be said that the thinking exercise is not always easy? You see the same with garden closures. If you opt for classic wooden panels - bought at the better wood trade or do-it-yourself store - then you are making a good purchase at first sight, but do not forget that the wood also requires maintenance. A layer of oil or varnish every year, or, in the worst case, even a completely new panel after a heavy thunderstorm. More robust variants such as Woodscape panels exist, do not require an annual lick of paint nor any form of surface treatment. And: they are very robust, so they can withstand any storm without any problems!

  1. Maintenance & comfort

An electric car requires hardly any maintenance compared to the alternative with a combustion engine. Moreover, there are even brands that will perform maintenance at your home or work! Not only do you gain in comfort this way (no more having to schedule an appointment, no more wasting time,...), you can suddenly save on an annually recurring, often obscure garage invoice. The same story can be drawn with garden closures. You regularly have to tackle a natural hedge with pruning shears and therefore costs you time or the price of a gardener. As mentioned, a wooden closure regularly requires some time and the obligatory pot of varnish. And with gabions, dirt will inevitably accumulate there, resulting in annoyance and back problems for the owner. A maintenance-friendly variant - concrete panels on one end of the spectrum, high-quality architectural Woodscape panels on the other, allow you to simply free these from moss and green deposits with high pressure. A form of comfort that, depending on your wishes, is simply priceless.

  1. A (charging) station that (not) catches the eye

When considering the purchase of an electric car, you must consider the possibilities and the cost of a charging station. And there are some ugly things in there too. For a version that displays a bit more style and blends in with the style of your home, you may also have to pay a surcharge. We see the same with an eye-pleasing garden fence. Poles are often necessary here too. In the case of wire panels or concrete slabs, they mainly appear to be functional items, but things can also be done differently. And what's more - in the case of a continuously woven Woodscape garden fence - you can also hide the posts behind the weaving itself. Do you also want to be able to make the right decision? Get in your car now and come and discover Woodscape!

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