Ecowood nature

Ecowood nature

Discover our horizontally woven panels from natural hazel. This rough woodlook gives immediate
a charming appearance to your garden. The panels are made from hazelnut branches 
available in some standard formats.
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possible weaving

Standard dimensions

Horizontal weaving

180 (H) x 150 (L) cm

180 (H) x 120 (L) cm

120 (H) x 150 (L) cm


75 (H) x 150 (L) cm

150 (H) x 180 (L) cm

150 (H) x 150 (L) cm


120 (H) x 180 (L) cm

180 (H) x 180 (L) cm

Vertical weaving

75 (H) x 180 (L) cm

75 (H) x 150 (L) cm

100 (H) x 150 (L) cm


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Proud sponsor of WWF

Together we take care of nature with responsible ecological forest management and also support the WWF to protect our earth.

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