Summer just around the corner? An eye-catching garden fence is an entrance of size!

Is there a better season to enjoy your garden than summer? Little chance, because where you have to work in early autumn or spring to get everything ready for winter or summer, the months of June to even September - thanks to pleasant temperatures - lend themselves like no other to relaxing in the own garden. An appropriate garden fence can contribute a lot to both your physical and mental rest.

Time for rest… But is that possible?

A drink from your own bar cupboard after work, a garden chair and a magazine on Saturday or a warm, fragrant grill on a sultry Sunday… Do your eyes almost start to water at such a beautiful outlook? Nothing to be ashamed of: after a dark period of hard work at his or her job, the Belgian, Burgundian or bon-vivant knows where he or she stands when the weather is good: enjoy!

But before we get to that: shouldn't we redecorate the garden a bit? Repot that plant? Many of us are nigh restless creatures, and no one is unmoved by the image others may have of you. Why is the neighbor staring at me from his garden? Would they consider me lazy if I frequent the lounger too much? And let me eat that herb, or would I be accused of not having green fingers, or even of being a clumsy klutz?

The advice: close your head, and your garden!
Rest sounds wonderful, but often acquiring it also requires action. You have to allow yourself to relax. Without worrying about yourself and the interference of others, let your coals smolder for a while, or lie stretched out in the lawn, why not…

Mental calm refers to the elimination of stimuli. It may surprise you, but a garden fence - if possible a handsome one, with a natural look - can contribute to this. Because not only do you build your own green cocoon of tranquility for yourself, you also keep the outside world racing past where it belongs: outside!

Woodscape fences do just that: they eliminate unnecessary stimuli, and just give you an aesthetic, calm pattern of weaving that you could - if you wish, why not - even stare at for hours on end. And vice versa, if you're just planning a garden party with friends, you don't have to worry about pot (or in the case of a barbecue) grill viewers.

Would you like to discover whether there is also a Woodscape for your beacon of peace?

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