Weaving on location - Fences with continuous weaving
Increase your garden thanks to the continuous weaving

The fencing of your garden is at least as important as the terrace tile or the vegetation. Our unique weaving on site with continuous weaving is therefore the ideal product if you want to give your garden a visually magnifying effect.

In this weaving, which is carried out locally by our own personnel, the poles are processed invisibly and the weaving around the support poles takes place. You will no longer see any intermediate posts and create one long fence for a brilliant visual effect.

Keep in mind that the back of this fence is not the same as the front. If you want a fence with two identical sides, you should choose the classical weaving .

This fence with continuous weaving requires hardly any maintenance : spraying once a year with the high-pressure cleaner is sufficient to remove all moss and green residues.

Maximum height: 2.10 m
Minimum length: 4 m